Interview Prep Curriculum Developer

  • Remote job Interview Prep Curriculum Developer

Job description

We are currently looking for 2-3 course curriculum developers to collaboratively design and build our 10-week summer interview prep course for university students running via an online classroom. One of these developers will also be the instructor for the first course in the Summer. The curriculum development begins in February and the first course will run starting June 4th 2018. The curriculum development role will be remote and part-time spanning over at least 4 months of development.

The mission is to build the largest pipeline of underrepresented software engineers. For the last 2 years, we’ve run classes for credit at over 20 universities, sponsored by industry partners like Facebook and Capital One. One of the major barriers to getting internships and full-time positions is navigating the technical interview. We believe that a focused prep class will be impactful in helping a diverse student population succeed in the interview process and get their first internship or full-time position.

This would be a paid curriculum development and instruction opportunity. The right person would have experience developing technical course curriculums, as well public speaking or teaching. We are looking for someone with at least 5 years of experience teaching CS courses or as a professional software engineer. This would involve working with 1-2 others in planning out 10-weeks of this new course, as well as collaborating to develop all necessary session materials, guides, assignments, and exercises. The curriculum development would happen part-time from February - May 2018 with one developer running the first course running from June 4th - August 9th.

Key logistics

  • This contract spans 4-6 months for part-time curriculum development and instruction

  • Curriculum team includes 2-3 primary contributors with CodePath guidance

  • Curriculum development will require 300 hours cumulatively across contributors

  • Each curriculum developer’s compensation can be up to 20K

  • Instructor for the first summer course will receive 20K


  • Develop a 10-week curriculum with another contributor

  • Coordinate with beta testers to review content

  • If available, lead the first run of the course in the summer

Development of curriculum will include:

  • Curriculum team includes 2 primary contributors with CodePath guidance

  • Development of a 10-week course syllabus

  • Weekly lecture content including session outlines and slide decks

  • Weekly exercises for students to complete in-class

  • Weekly assignment deliverables for participants to submit

  • Written technical guides that break down the different interview topics

  • Walkthrough videos to illustrate technical problem-solving


  • February 12th - Curriculum Development Kickoff

  • April 6th - First 4-weeks of curriculum ready for pilot class

  • May 7th - First draft of full course completed

  • June 4th - Start of summer program


Previously developed a technical curriculum

  • Comfortable with public speaking, teaching experience preferred

  • Enjoys mentoring others

  • 5 years of professional software or CS teaching experience

  • Can meet the milestone schedules above

  • One contributor local to SF bay area, another can be part-time and remote okay