Executive Assistant

  • General and Administrative
  • Remote job

Executive Assistant

Job description

The role of the executive assistant is to support and amplify the CEO in areas of responsibilities ranging from managing relationships with the board, speaking engagements, hiring and interviewing, reinforcing team culture, sales, and managing company operations. Managing such a diverse set of responsibilities will require excellent organization and time management skills, the ability to learn quickly, and impeccable written communication.

You’ll play a crucial role in making the CEO more productive, organized, and efficient. You will often accompany the CEO in meetings with potential funders, partners, or clients, which will require research and prep before meetings, taking detailed notes and recording in Hubspot, and handling follow-up actions.

Supporting the CEO also involves daily activities such as managing calendar, inbox, travel, meeting prep, and follow-ups.

Time management and prioritization/triaging are key to this role. The ideal candidate is friendly, organized, process-minded, fast, efficient and super productive, especially by leveraging process/collaboration/automation tools and practices.

Activities / Responsibilities

  • General
    • Manage calendars (scheduling, RSVPs, and time audits)

    • Manage CEO’s inbox (triaging, first line of defense, pre-drafting emails)

    • Support meetings (research/prep, notes, follow ups)

    • Triage and manage projects

    • Research and reports

    • Support development of slide decks for various presentations

    • Plan and coordinate travel

  • Brand / networking
    • Draft social media posts (LinkedIn, Twitter)

    • Draft regular “champion” updates (impact, student stories)

  • Team
    • Nurture team culture (birthdays, gratitude, celebrations)

    • Onboard new team members

  • Operations
    • Manage an internal knowledge base of hundreds of documents and spreadsheets

    • Support recurring general administrative tasks such as expense report tracking, employee reimbursements

About CodePath.org

CodePath is an innovative education nonprofit building the largest pipeline of high-performing, underrepresented software engineers in the industry. We are the first organization in history to centralize student support, curriculum, and classroom operations across dozens of for-credit, in-person college classrooms. Our unique combination of student-led courses with remote support by professional engineers and a robust online learning platform produces scalable, high impact programs that have received major endorsements from professors, large funders, and major corporations.


  • Bachelor’s degree preferred

  • At least 2-3 years of similar experience, preferably in a startup and tech environment

  • Interested in the education space and a connection to our impact/mission

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Experienced at project management

  • High attention to detail, and quick execution speed

  • Familiarity with modern tools: Slack, Zoom, G Suite, Asana, Hubspot, etc

CodePath Core Values

  • We keep our promises to students
  • We exist to empower others
  • We encourage and celebrate diversity
  • We believe in continuous growth and excellence
  • We love to experiment and try new things


We are committed to professional growth and fulfillment at work. Benefits include:

  • Medical insurance with dental and vision.
  • Generous time off with a flexible workplace and work schedule.
  • A commitment to developing leaders from within the organization.
  • Frequent opportunities to connect with students, universities, and communities we serve.
  • Opportunities to engage, collaborate and partner with top technology companies, venture capitalists, and engineering leaders in Silicon Valley.
  • Offices in the San Francisco SOMA area, near Caltrain.

About the Current Team

We are individuals from a multitude of backgrounds, experiences, and unlikely stories, all connected by a single dream: a world in which regardless of background, socioeconomic status, gender or race all people have pathways to reach their full potential.

With a staff and board that cares deeply about diversity and equity, we believe that diverse perspectives and backgrounds create a richer work environment and enhance our ability to pursue our mission.