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Facebook University - Android Co-Instructor

Job description

We are looking for a senior Android engineer to be a co-instructor for Facebook University, an immersive training program taught via Zoom, designed for students that are historically underrepresented in computer science. The program starts on June 21st, and is full-time for 3 weeks, with part-time support for an additional 4 weeks.

About Facebook University

Facebook University selects 120 freshman and sophomore university students from across the US to participate in an 8-week paid internship to learn Android development. The program is focused on improving diversity in tech, and the selected students are mostly from under-represented backgrounds. The goal is teach them practical software development skills, and set them up for success in their early engineering career. Their performance during the summer will give them the opportunity to earn a return Facebook internship offer for the following summer.

The students will be assigned an Android app to build each week for the first 3 weeks to prepare them for an individual project where they will build an Android app of their own design. During the next 4 weeks, there will be 2-hour sessions on Monday and Wednesday mornings to guide their sprint progress.

About the Role

This is a paid teaching and mentoring opportunity. The ideal co-instructor is an experienced Android developer with teaching experience and/or experience mentoring others. The curriculum has been developed, and you would have 1 week to prepare before the 3-week program begins. The instruction team will consist of 2 co-instructors and 6-8 TAs.

Key logistics

  • 5/31-6/18: Phase I - Instruction prep. Consultant will meet with other instructors/TAs to coordinate, and prepare for instruction. This phase includes:
    • A kickoff meeting with the instructional team
    • Weekly sync meetings
    • Completing student assignments and labs
    • Preparing to give weekly topic introductions
    • Estimated 40 hours
  • 6/21-7/9: Phase II - Full-time instruction. This is the first 3 weeks of Facebook University, which is a period of full-time instruction and student support.
    • M-F, 8am-5pm PT
  • 7/12-8/6: Phase III - Part-time instruction. This is the next 4 weeks of Facebook University where students work on individual projects of their own design. The intention of the sessions is to guide them through the process of planning and executing their project.
    • Two sessions per week
      • Monday, 8-10am PT
      • Wednesday, 8-10am PT
    • At the end of the day on Monday and Wednesday, answer any student questions on Workplace (max 1 hour)

About CodePath.org 

CodePath.org is an early-stage nonprofit dedicated to offering an accelerated pathway into the technology industry for college students all across the US, with an emphasis on serving underserved, low-income, and first-generation students. We offer a variety of courses and services to students both directly on-campuses at colleges and remotely using video classrooms with instructors and TAs. All of these courses and services are offered to students entirely for free, funded directly by the technology industry in order to invest in the next generation of talented software engineers.

Our vision is that every student in college, regardless of background or personal circumstances, should have the opportunity, skills, network, and pathways available to become a confident and successful software engineer in the tech industry. CodePath.org develops and delivers a wide variety of programs and supports students over multiple years, reaching students in college starting before Freshman year and then all the way through to post-graduation and entering full-time software roles.

CodePath.org provides curriculum and programs for college students all across the United States, often offered for-credit at campuses, including at many HBCUs, HSIs, women’s colleges, and state colleges. CodePath.org is supported directly by the technology industry including Microsoft, Facebook, Walmart.org, and many more.

For more information, check out our website at CodePath.org.


  • 5+ years of experience working as a full-time software engineer, 2+ years as an Android engineer
  • Experience as an instructor (this may include conference speaking, work as an adjunct professor, volunteer or paid work as a technical bootcamp or technical summer program instructor, etc.)
  • Experience developing technical curriculum is a plus

CodePath Core Values

  • We keep our promises to students
  • We exist to empower others
  • We encourage and celebrate diversity
  • We believe in continuous growth and excellence
  • We love to experiment and try new things

About the Current Team

We are individuals from a multitude of backgrounds, experiences, and unlikely stories, all connected by a single dream: a world in which regardless of background, socioeconomic status, gender or race all people have pathways to reach their full potential.

With a staff and board that cares deeply about diversity and equity, we believe that diverse perspectives and backgrounds create a richer work environment and enhance our ability to pursue our mission.